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How to secure healthcare data & HIPAA compliant| Safety monitoring

How to secure healthcare data & HIPAA compliant| Safety monitoring

Healthcare industries across the world are facing a major concern to prevent the healthcare data leakage. With the flourishing digital space, bulks of data are stored daily into the databases. This plots a bottom ground for the data theft. Data security breaches are common in the healthcare sectors to retrieve the sensitive PHI records which are extremely valuable. The PHI data costs around millions of dollars as these are confidential information of the healthcare sectors.These data can be misused in a wrong way that can be fatal for the human community and can run the healthcare industries to losses.

Data breaches cost the healthcare industry approximately $5.6 billion every year, IT administration has to be strengthened , a robust IT infrastructure is essential to protect these vulnerable data records.

Let's discuss the major cybersecurity risk factors that can threat healthcare sectors…

1. Vulnerable & Unsecured Digital Devices

Healthcare workers are accessing the health care data in different devices like- mobiles, tablets ,personal computers etc. As the data are getting scattered in different devices , this plots a landscape of security breach threats.

2. Insider threats

Do you completely trust your employees’ intent?

This is the first question that pops up when we are talking about insider threats.Employees are the frontliners who are holding the data in their hands. They are having access to the bulk of information that is stored daily in the databases.

Do you know 15% of security breach incidents in the healthcare industry in 2013 were caused by insider misuse? Internal employees may deliberately or unintentionally disclose the PHI data in the wrong hands.Hence, data infiltration is a major concern to get rid of.

3. Cyber criminal attacks

Cyber attacks are extremely prevalent to steal valuable information.

Masqueraders send unsolicited bulk emails from seemingly reputable sites and catchy titles with attachments that lead into clicking a malicious link, which can lead to the installation of malware, the freezing of the system as part of a ransomware attack or the revealing of sensitive information. This email fraud can trap the unintentional employees to leak the data records.

Project management tools are critically essential to track and manage your projects’ progress.It is imperative to measure workflow and monitor it regularly.

Following strategies to mitigate security threat problems are enlisted

1. Protect electronic gadgets

Electronic gadgets- mobiles , computers, tablets are vulnerable to cyber attacks. These devices are storing PHI which are sensitive,hence encryption and other protective measures should be implemented to secure these devices that would prevent the PHI from being stolen.

2. Routine data audits

Routine data audits will not directly prevent the data theft. But, it will indirectly lessen the cyber attacks and data steal.As , the employees will be aware that data records are audited regularly.This will lead to the decrease in internal theft.

3. Limit internet access

Many applications and websites are unsecured that can threaten PHI data. Hence, strong regulation has to be imposed to prevent the installation of applications without the prior permissions from the authority in charge. Spam and web filters are the first screen guard to combat ransomware and malware. But, internet usage must be forbidden from systems storing PHI data.

HIPAA data audits with WorkTrak

HIPAA data audits are mandatory in all the organizations. An efficient security system to conduct the HIPAA data audits is the demand of all the industries.

WorkTrak generates and maintains user activity reports and can easily see where your organization’s team is spending their time and how they’re treating sensitive patient data. The software also comes with a variety of reports for administrative oversight whenever they need it.

Bolster IT security with WorkTrak

Administrators are the management of authority who are responsible to detect unintentional risks and evaluate accordingly.

With WorkTrak, administrators can enforce security rules for websites and applications. Accesses to risky websites and block or terminate applications as a result of security policy violations. Administrators can also analyze user risk scores and review screenshots to see which user behavior violates compliance policies and take steps to avoid future occurrences.

WorkTrak’s user activity monitoring software helps healthcare organizations secure data; understand what employees are doing, and demonstrate compliance.

Learn more about WorkTrak’s software and help keep your data secure and HIPAA compliant.

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