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How corporate leaders can use employee monitoring software

How corporate leaders can use employee monitoring software

Employee management software is an integral tool for the management that can add value to the company’s progress by boosting productivity of the employees and preventing data leaks. It is mandated for every company to watch their employees’ performance and to analyze their behavior to mitigate any future business risks.

With the rise in remote working mode, it is pivotal for the company to ensure employees’ office activities , what they are working on, how they are dealing customer queries , what challenges they are facing and how they solve, all these details will be encountered in the chart sheet, insights reports generated in the form of pictorial representation, data sheets and screenshots.

Employee monitoring softwares is critical to ensure employees’ whereabouts during the office time.

Do you know, according to salary.com , 64% of employees visit non-work related websites each and every day on the job. Out of these, 39% spend 1 hour, 29% spend 2 hours, 21% spend 5 hours, and 3% spend 10 hours or more per day.?

“Time is considered as money” , then imagine how much company resources will be wasted if so much of time is spent on unnecessary activities during the office time. Hence, employees’ monitoring is inevitable to ensure proper utilisation of company’s resources by the employees.

Monitoring employees is absolutely correct from the company’s vantage point, but is it right to daily track the employees even during off- hours?

For instance, Intermex Wire Transfers fired Myrna Arias in 2015 because she had turned off GPS tracking on her company issued phone. Arias had discovered that the company was tracking her even during off-duty hours. This behavior from the company’s side can lead to the filing of lawsuits which will be detrimental for the company’s reputation and integrity.

So, what is the ideal way for monitoring employees and evaluating their performance report?

The company should be very clear that employees are not the properties for organizations . Hence , monitoring employees outside their office arena and office time is a strict violation of law.

What WorkTrak provides that corporate leaders can use to track employees?

WorkTrak is the employee monitoring software that is packed with all the premium features to track employees’ activities even from remote workspace.

How corporate leaders can use employee monitoring software

Attendance surveillance is important in all organizations. The discipline and punctuality of the staff manifests the first glimpse of impression of the dedication towards their work. Management can track employees’ attendance detailing the login time, logout time and status ( early, ontime, late ) in the dashboard.

How corporate leaders can use employee monitoring software

WorkTrak provides real-time idle and active time reports focusing on the productive time the employee spent while working. Management can reprimand the employees who are spending more idle time.

How to accomplish optimum productivity in less time

There are higher chances for the remote employees to glued up to entertainment platforms like social media , netflix etc. Management has to be vigilant about their employees’ activities , what they are doing during office time, what platforms they are visiting , are there any chance of risk or malware etc. With WorkTrak's website & application monitoring feature, the management team will know what applications and websites the employees are using while working. It provides a real time report on the users’ action. Management can warn employees on the basis of their action.

How corporate leaders can use employee monitoring software

There is a higher chance of deliberate theft when employees are granted the company credentials , hence monitoring is required . Corporate leaders must take preventive actions to secure the company's digital data from being stolen.WorkTrak provides the website restriction feature that allows managers to block the unwanted websites or applications instantly to prevent threats to company’s information.

How corporate leaders can use employee monitoring software

It is extremely crucial for the managers to know how their staff is dealing with customer’s queries. The approach to solve customer’s problems is important for the manager to recognize their smart and loyal employees.WorkTrak provides screenshot capture reports that render useful insights on the employees’ work . It provides granular information on how the task has been performed by generating screenshots of the user’s system at a customized interval.

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