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How to accomplish optimum productivity in less time

How to accomplish optimum productivity in less time

Before discussing productivity, let’s highlight the questions related to it. Are you stagnant at your limit? Is your office routine mundane? Are you procrastinating at your workplace?

To answer all these questions, let’s define what productivity is.

Most people muddle up the term with the definition of the number of working hours.

Just investing your time towards your work on the basis of hours will not lead to any satisfactory outcome. Productivity is a variable that stands for yield . The quantity of work is not equivalent to quality. Hence, the quality of work determines your productivity.

An organization will benefit from how proactive , productive, and efficient you are irrespective of the work length.

It has been observed in the mid-1900s, the efficiency of employees stumbles while working too many hours a day and too many a week. The stimulus to work is the relaxation period. Excessive workload never gives fruitful results.

It is a wise saying….
"Just as the eight hour day opened our way to prosperity, so the five day week will open our way to a still greater prosperity."

The synergy of individual productivity leads to organizational productivity. Hence, the cascade of productive chains are leading towards business success.

In this article, we will provide you with the 5 success mantras to maximize employees’ productivity.

1. Be Organized

Filthy, dirty , mismanaged workplace will lead to unproductive, inefficient and unsatisfactory results. Concentration is the primary factor to increase the work rate. Hence,declutter and tweak your workspace to speed up your pace of activity. Set up a steady and ambient environment to make you comfortable in order to prevent distractions.

2. Reinforce positive attitude

Motivation, positivity and determination are the ingredients to maximize your productivity. A worthy manager must recognize and motivate their employees to boost their morale. Constructive words like---- good job, bravo , extremely well , should be used to empower your employees to work harder , this will put your employees to go beyond their capabilities to achieve the desired outcome.

3. Go for short term breaks

Continuous stretch of work will make you inefficient and stressed. Don’t limit yourself across the boundaries of your workspace. Abandon the desks to get some relaxation and refreshment , this will increase your focus towards your work by destressing you from the burden of work load. It has been noticed that workers taking short intervals of break were 13% more active and productive than workers who didn’t.

4. Ensure employees’ happiness

A common problem for managers is having no clear, strong sense of whether their employees are high-performing or not. Do your employees need an incentive to stay on track? Help them by offering goals that are achievable. Provide clear direction to supervisors and employees to help clarify expectations. This will help to increase their productivity, as they will have a clear focus and clear goals.

Showing employees how much the company appreciates, respects and values them on a personal level is gratifying – and often overlooked.

5. Arm the management with right tools

Track your employees’ productivity at the end of the day to plot the productivity metrics of your employee. Identify how productive and effective your employees are in their work and provide personalized feedback to the workers to achieve a higher rate of productivity. WorkTrak, a productivity tool that tracks employees' computer use, peeked into its data to study the behavior of its most productive workers. Explore the right tool for your company to boost your employees’ productivity by 3 fold.


High productive employees are the assets of the company that drives the business to reach the summit of success. Follow these tips to boost productivity in less time.

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