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Remote Workforce Analytics to monitor user’s activity

When a remote workforce is your new day to go style, then to establish an effective remote office workforce, remote workforce analytics is the ideal choice.

Entire industries have shifted their geolocation to WFH style. Organizations are facing unprecedented challenges in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Perks of organizational infrastructure are no longer available, hence employees are forced to adhere to home internet connections that can pose serious risks to data privacy and security. The novel COVID-19 has introduced the whole world to the importance of digital space, remote work mode has to be adopted universally in the future.

Imagine a scenario when 5000 employees of an organization are working remotely including managers, then how cumbersome it will be to remain updated with such a huge number. Remote working mode comes with a variety of challenges -- technology and process difficulties. Hence, the management team has to be empowered to manage all the teams with ease.

When it comes to remote workforce management, remote workforce analytics wins over remote desktop monitoring.

Remote Workforce Analytics Management To Guide Distant Employees

Remote workforce analytics is a toolbox that can be of utmost benefit to the management team. The toolbox consists of comprehensive tools to enhance off-site productivity --- time reporting, employee productivity, and workforce engagement.

With remote workforce analytics tools, the management team will be aware of how the employees are working remotely that will enable them to design training programs, personalized feedback to improve their performance, engage teams to scatter workloads among all staff, troubleshoot programs to identify and solve challenges.

Regular check-ins and discussions can improve employees’ mental stability, work effectiveness, and productivity. Hence, reviewing your employees’ work is crucial to comprehend their processes of handling projects which will enable the managers to guide their teams.

Enhance your productivity trends by adopting remote workforce analytics in your daily routine.

Let’s discuss what it provides

•  Identify employees’ effort and sincerity with glance chart reports.

•  Detect staff’s strengths and weaknesses and come up with solutions to upskill their weaknesses.

•  Map individual’s productivity chart and plot performance graph.

•  Comprehend user behavior analytics and take decisions accordingly .

•  Minimize burnout risks by dispersing workout loads.

•  Deliver projects before the deadline by stimulating productivity levels.

•  Prevent data theft and ensure security compliance to the organization’s confidential information.

•  Empower employees by engaging teams and building friendly communication.

•  Data and charts to streamline and scale-up business operations.

Maximize Productivity & Secure Digital Data --- WorkTrak Workforce Security

Drive the company’s operational efficiency and maximize productivity output by enhancing the productivity of off-site employees. Sensitive data are highly vulnerable while working remotely as internet providers at home are not extremely secured as it is under office surveillance. Zoom the business operational outlook to optimize your remote workforce analytics.

WorkTrak provides the leading service in the workforce analytics solutions.

•  User-friendly dashboard to provide real-time reporting of team members.

•  A quick statistical glance on websites and applications visited and time spent on these websites.

•  Remote workforce attendance and work-time recorded in the dashboard to calculate the user's productivity level.

•  Visual report on desktop screenshots of the user at a customized interval.

•  Determine irregular workflow & unproductive employees to make decisions on training and retaining.

•  Limit the internet access by instant website & application blocking feature to prevent accidental and deliberate internal data theft.

Remote workforce analytics can be used as KPI to record performance metrics of individual employees.All the industries must adopt remote workforce analytics to grow the organization’s revenue to the optimum level.

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