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Tips and tools to become a pro in Remote year

Tools to assist remote work office | COVID-19 Remote Year

The COVID-19 emergence has oriented everyone’s lives to a great extent. Everyone is based at their respective homes and has to set clear expectations to achieve the organizational goals.The challenge lies to become work focused while settling at homes as there are lots of distractions at home.There are various remote technologies belt to achieve remote work mission goals.

This article is providing the tips and tools to adapt to this new remote style :

1. Remote access

Remote access of the desktop is critical while working remotely. Imagine if all the necessary information is stored in the office computer and you are unable to access it.

Remote access to any desktop is inevitable to cross connect with your teammates.Consider you and your team mate are working on a particular project, but your coworker is unable to comprehend the work approach.

Anydesk provides remote control access to any system which is operating remotely. It is the ideal tool to guide your home office successfully.

2. Built communication platform

Establishing a well connected communication chain is critical to be successful in your objectives. If you are working alone with no guideline, no suggestion, then your output result will lack the gloss of perfection . Communication setup is ideal to achieve business milestones by understanding your coworkers and managers at a granular level.

Slack is the real-time chat platform to connect with your teams for seamless interaction. Google Hangout is a video conferencing tool to leverage upon to set up communication bridges with your office team.

3. Set up project management base

Do you want to pace your project fast?Do you want to manage your tasks?Do you want to track your projects soon?

Project management tools are critically essential to track and manage your projects’ progress.It is imperative to measure workflow and monitor it regularly.

Keep updated and deliver your projects on time by installing project tools.

Asana is the project and task management tool to designate tasks and mapping project details.

4. Customer Support Tool

Customers’ demands are the primary reason to flourish the organization. But to attract and retain customers, customer support tools are the ideal to provide the best solution to their queries.

Deliver support to customers with the implementation of customer service tools.

Freshdesk is the exceptional customer service tool to deliver customer solutions over email,phone,social media and chats.

5. Employee Monitoring Tool

Monitoring and evaluating employees’ productivity and performance is a major concern in all the organization. Leverage on employee monitoring software to detect insider threats to prevent theft of vulnerable information handled by your employees. This tool is imperative to use as remote work mode is gaining popularity.

WorkTrak is one of the best employee monitoring software to track your staff’s daily output. It provides the granular report of employees’ daily office activities at an amazing affordable price. It is an all in one tool with the abundance of features to accomplish remote work mode as success.


All the above mentioned tools are of utmost importance in the industries. Construct your successful remote work office with the implementation of the leading industrial tools.

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