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Bolster remote workforce by 3 times in animation industries

Bolster remote workforce by 3 times in animation industries

Coronavirus has affected all the industries on a massive scale. The global economy is in a recession that has led to huge financial instability. Billions of people across the globe are self-quarantined in the fear of coronavirus spread. The novel COVID-19 virus has simply shut down businesses' growth.

The pandemic has forced the cinemas to close temporarily affecting the entertainment industry hard. The animation industry has shut down all the studios and has embedded WFH culture amid the outbreak. The hardest coronavirus wave is yet to hit, hence WFH culture has to be extended, get ready for WFH culture. The pandemic has made us aware of the importance of digital outreach for establishing a pipeline for business growth. In the future, a blend of remote work and traditional work has to be established to achieve the organizational goals.

Think digitally and get ready to adopt the WFH culture in your daily routine.

As coronavirus is highly contagious, it has wide spread like fire to more than 130 countries. It has reached an alarming stage where social distancing is inevitable to curtail the interaction with the others.

The Disney TV animation is working fully-fledged in remote work culture after facing downfalls initially. An estimated 120,000 jobs in film and TV lost as of March 18, animation industries are still breathing as cartoons are still streaming.

The artists working in animation industries are accustomed to working in the studios and are facing a huge challenge to set up their work at home. Hence, WFH is a real challenge for newbies who need direct supervision of their managers. Remote workforce is still not fully efficient, hence it has to be stimulated to withstand the circumstances.

Follow 4 steps to combat remote workforce challenges and boost workforce by 3 fold:

1. Track artists on a real-time basis

Artists are encouraged to work from home to promote social distancing. Real-time tracking of an individual will showcase the right direction to take a step at the immediate moment to prevent escalation problems.

In animation industries, bundles of contracts have to be accomplished in a short period of time to hike business growth amid the outbreak. Hence, real-time tracking of artists is critical to rescue time and increase operational efficiency.

1.1 How does WorkTrak help to track real-time?

Real-time monitoring will track the artist’s performance at a granular level, every activity will be monitored that will be helpful for the artist as well as for the organization. Management can track where the artist is going wrong and can fix the problems soon.

•   Live view of activity log and performance report can be tracked spontaneously.

•   Real-time tracking feature enables continuous audits of user’s performance.

Time tracking reports

2. Attendance monitoring & tracking productivity

To fight against this pandemic, artists have to work overtime to grow the business. The time-monitoring attendance surveillance record will help animation industries to find how much time was spent by an individual artist. Regular monitoring will enable the management to know the buffering and resolution time of the artists.

2.1. How does WorkTrak help to monitor attendance?

•  Daily monitoring of login and logout time of the user is recorded in the system Status are shown in both login and logout time to decide whether the artist started or finished work on-time, early or late

•   The number of hours an artist worked on their daily tasks will be recorded. Active and Idle time reports of WorkTrak showcases the productive time spent by each artist.

Attendance reports - worktrak

3. Store insights of activities as screenshots

As the artists are not in the studio, hence managers need to be updated with their activities at the remote workspace. Screenshots report will showcase whether artists are really working or not, did they procrastinate or not, what work they are doing, how much time they spend on work.

3.1. How does WorkTrak captures screenshots?

•  WorkTrak provides screenshots that generate activity reports of the artist on different websites and application

•  Screen recorder in WorkTrak takes snaps at defined intervals.

Screenshots at regular intervals - worktrak

4. Secure Business data at remote workspace

Internal theft is the highest concern in all the organizations. It's difficult to comprehend the artist's intent.It has been noticed that 47% are deliberate insider theft. At remote workspace, due to unsecured internet networks, there are higher chances of accidental theft.

4.1. How does WorkTrak help ?

•  Any website or application can be blocked for a particular end-user by the manager instantly.

•  If any anomalous behavior by the user is recognized, then the access of all the company credentials and information can be locked by the management.

Block websites and applications -worktrak

WorkTrak provides all the essential features needed to track employees’ productivity at highly reasonable rates.

FREE trial of 14 days can be availed at the portal.

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