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coronavirus affect on business

Will remote work succeed in the battle against Coronavirus pandemic?

The sudden coronavirus outbreak has halted all the vibes of workaholic life.

Will remote working succeed in the battle against the pandemic?

As coronavirus is highly contagious, it has spread like fire to more than 130 countries. It has reached an alarming stage where social distancing is inevitable to curtail the interaction with the others.

All of you must be wondering about the following questions. How to stabilize your Business productivity at this destabilized Global economy depletion?<./meta>

Are you struggling to transform your recreation space to a workspace?

Remote working is challenging for the newbies as direct communication and supervision from the managers is not possible.

According to Flexjobs report, 65% are more comfortable to work from home. Freedom and flexibility are important to enhance productivity. Employees working from home can mould their work time according to their comfort.

Employees can utilize their time to complete their errands according to their time. One can become more productive when real to oneself. They can unlock their potential and reach viable outcomes before the deadline. Work from home culture enables you to balance professional as well as personal life under a common roof.

Business success relies on happy and passionate employees whose cumulative effort is going to decide the business to reach the next level milestone.

Well, there are some challenges due to which work from home is still not a better option. Is your laziness hindering you to meet up with your deadlines? Are you wasting company resources by not working effectively?

Managers need a vigilant eye to monitor their employees’ home office activity continuously. Want to stop your employees from procrastinating by tracking their time?

At home, there is a higher probability to get distracted through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Websites and applications visited by employees can be monitored that will alert managers on time theft of their employees.

Managers can recognize their committed employees and reward them accordingly to boost their energy and dedication towards their work responsibilities.

Remote work challenges

•  Laziness impedes working efficiency of employees.

•  Lack of attachment and motivation to work at the home office.

•  TTempted to do time theft by involving in social media platforms.

•  Managers find themselves difficult to track their employees’ activity.

•  Vulnerable to internal theft by employees.

•  Higher risk of virus and malware to enter in company websites under home wifi.

Let's discuss the remedies to combat remote work challenges.

1. Support and understand your remote workers

Strong leadership and collaboration are the key tools for an effective management. Remember always that your employees’ well being - physical and mental happiness should be prioritized. Remote work mode may inculcate a sense of loneliness and unhappiness, it's the responsibility of the managers to stand beside the employees and should solve their problems. Leaders must show empathy, care and generosity towards their fellow workers that will bind all the staff in harmony,happiness and solidarity.

2. Set up a clear and transparent communication

Communication is another factor that is responsible for the business productivity. Imagine if employees are not treading on the correct approach that the manager wants the staff to work on. If the communication gap obscures your goals that you want to achieve, The outcome of the scenario will be business losses.Hence, communication platforms like google hangouts,slack,skype.

A clear communication will deliver best results in a short time.

3. Monitor your employees’ performance

“Trust but verify” is a popular proverb., in the professional context it means, managers should trust their employees but also must verify their deeds. Employees who work from home should be productive in the workplace. Management needs to find out how productive, efficient and devoted they are towards their job. Moreover, personalized feedback will improve the work efficacy.Hence, tracking employees’ work approach will acknowledge the employers to know how they carry their work, is it the correct way, how much time they are taking on a particular project.All these details will be evaluated to map the excellence chart of their employees. The employees with a higher score will be recognized and awarded respectively. Employee monitoring softwares is the leading industrial tool to track employees’ performance and to improve business’ operational efficiency.

WorkTrak is one of the best productivity tools that provides generated Timesheets reports that will provide accurate real-time data on your employees’ working time. Internal theft can be vulnerable during this situation. As we don't know which employees can leak your company’s vital confidential information to outsiders. With the snapshot feature of WorkTrak, all the screenshots of the desktop will be recorded, managers can track the quality and quantity of the work that their employees are doing.


Reinforce to take correct business decisions. Track your employees’ productivity remotely by WorkTrak to lead successful businesses.

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