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How to choose the right employee monitoring software for your company

How to choose the right employee monitoring software for your company

In recent years, much has changed in how business is conducted, how strategies are implemented, and how owners relate with their customers. From communication and management to marketing and advertising, business processes have become technologically focused on easing the workload associated with the market. Moreover, technology has become more necessary as the workforce continues to become more diverse. Employees are no longer limited to a single location, and businesses can hire any capable person regardless of their location. As a result of these trends in technology and hiring, remote work has become more common and, at times, preferred.

According to CoSo Cloud, 77% of employees are more productive when working off-site. Unfortunately, managing remote teams and employees is a struggle that most business owners and leaders face today. Combined with the usual challenges of face-to-face management, these obstacles can most likely hamper productivity and performance. The solution to these challenges comes in the form of employee monitoring software. Features such as website activity monitoring and time tracking can not only assist in determining the productivity of remote workforce but also that of on-site employees.

There are multiple options for such software in the market, and you may find it hard to choose one despite being aware of its value. To help your decision-making process, this article will offer an answer on how to select the right employee monitoring software for your company.

1. Figure out what your company needs.

The first step in the process should always involve identifying and knowing where your company falls short and how an employee monitoring platform can help provide a solution. Look at your company records and determine if your workforce has room for improvement, whether in employee engagement or productivity. Many types of employee monitoring don't necessarily involve software. As such, before you make a decision that involves having to go through employee monitoring software options, make sure that your company will benefit from it based on what you find in your research.

2. Compile a list of features.

Once you've determined the possible role and benefits of employee computer monitoring software, then the next step is to compile a list of features that can best cater to the needs of your company. If you think that your employees, whether remote or on-site, are spending too much time on irrelevant websites, then features that prevent Internet abuse such as website monitoring, will do you well. If you think your employees are falling short of the time required for work, then time tracking might be your priority. Make sure that every feature you could need is considered and listed.

3. Talk to your employees.

Employee monitoring software trends make it clear that such platforms impact your workforce the most. From stress to productivity levels, an employee computer monitoring platform can either prevent the former and boost the latter or vice versa. Before you engage in the intense process of choosing the best system for your company, engage your employees. Talk to them about how they might feel about having something track their activities during work. Consider their thoughts and opinions on the matter, and make sure that the employee monitoring software won't cause further challenges.

4. Consider the software's price.

Regardless of whether or not a system can help you in monitoring employees in the workplace, the next step will involve considering the software's price. This step is far more complicated than it may seem. You will need to not only think about the company's finances but also determine the areas in which employee monitoring software can add profit and income. In doing so, you can predict the optimal results of getting such a system. This process will save you time and money while simultaneously providing the information you need to justify the added cost of employee monitoring software.

5. Check data security

The final step in choosing the right employee monitoring software for your company is to determine the security measures implemented by the vendor. Employee monitoring that involves technology can breach the employees' privacy and security. Accidentally capturing sensitive information, such as their address or password, can lead to unimaginable but preventable consequences. Talk to your vendor and clarify the risk that you will be taking when you choose their software. Make sure that your company and employees' information are protected by nothing but the best, industry-level security measures.

Ask the Right Questions

The process of choosing the right employee monitoring software for your company can be tedious. Perhaps the most important thing that you should remember throughout this process is not to be afraid to ask the questions you have. Whether these questions are directed to your employees or your potential vendor, keep asking so that you may gain the clarity you need to make the best decision possible. The perfect fit is hard to come by, but if you implement the steps presented in this article, you can trust that you'll choose the one that's precisely what your company needs.

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