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Real-Time tracking for exponential business growth

Wondering how real-time tracking is reshaping the modern organization?

In today’s fast pace generation, everyone is competing with each other. No one has the patience to wait for a delayed outcome.

Think of the scenario when you make a mistake, and later you get to know about the mistake. Don’t you get stumbled at the last moment?

Real-time tracking of an individual will showcase the right direction to take a step at the immediate moment to prevent escalation problems.

Do you know companies spend huge sums of money on employee’s development and resources?

According to the State of Workplace learning and Development Report 2018, INR 41,838 per annum is spent on learning and development on each employee annually.

How real-time monitoring enhances team performance?

Real-time tracking generates automated reports in real-time to monitor the efficiency and productivity of an employee. Gap recovery will be the outcome that can create a funnel for training employees successfully. Tracking teams is important to understand the compatibility and coordination that will lead to a higher return on investment. The managers must understand their employees' strengths and weaknesses. Regular monitoring will enable the managers to know the buffering and resolution time of the employees. Employee monitoring software enables the managers to know what tasks are obstacles and which challenges can be resolved by the employees efficiently.

•  Periodical assessment and feedback improves team performance.

•  Understand user-behavioral analytics to increase the operational efficiency of the team.

•  Increases flexibility of teams.

•  Clarity on team challenges and strength.

•  Develops the ability to fight with external perturbations.

•  Real-time monitoring leads to effective training of skills.

How is Real-time tracking important for Organization growth?

Employees are the company's biggest assets. Their growth has to be measured. At the end of the day, the output of each employee should be analyzed to track the cumulative growth of the Organization. Streamlined data information will be recorded in real-time to understand incremental growth. Real-time monitoring will track the employee’s performance at a granular level, every activity will be monitored that will be helpful for the employee as well as for the organization. Live view of activity log and performance report can be tracked spontaneously.

1. Increased visibility and enhanced productivity

It has been observed that multitasking decreases productivity by 45%, which can decelerate your work rate. Time Tracking feature will help the manager to know which projects are consuming a long duration of time, this will enable the manager to decide the projects based on risk and reward factors. Hence, the management can prioritize the work that will be rewarding and generate revenue for the company. Finally, the managers can see the clarity of development and can set goals accordingly.

2. Diagnose the potential of the employees

When employees are aware that their office activities are constantly monitored, their work time is noted and activities are recorded in the format of the screenshot, then employees will work diligently and actively during office time to avoid termination. This tool is effective to unleash the potential of individuals, as managers will get to know the strengths and weaknesses of the employees. This will help the employers to allocate the tasks accordingly to the employees.

3. Recognize and Reward the employees

Recognition is the key to build a successful team and reward is the motivation trophy to strive harder to showcase an outstanding performance in the future. Time tracking software shows the employees who are hardworking and devoting maximum time for the company’s work. Hence, management will get to know the ideal employee who is hardworking, honest, and punctual. If the employee is recognized and rewarded, then the other team members will also work hard to be recognized and rewarded. In this way, productivity levels are increased on an individual basis.

4. Transparency

Time tracking tools record office activities in the form of screenshots, insights, graphs. Hence, employees and employers will be transparent towards each other. Productive staff can demand an increment, salary hike, take off, and other privileges by showcasing their productivity report to the management. Similarly, the management can provide a reason to reprimand or fire their employees by presenting the documentary evidence to the employees.

5. Secure company data

With the implementation of time tracking software, management will have an upper hand to secure the company’s digital data from stealing. Employers can directly block the applications or websites from the user’s end to eliminate deliberate and unintentional theft of company data. This can safeguard the organization from the verge of severe business catastrophe.


Employee monitoring software is in high demand with the rise in remote working culture as it is not feasible to visit each workplace to monitor employees. This will lead to an increase in the operational efficiencies of the employees. Managers will get the authority to block malware and undesired websites and applications at once. The website and applications blocker is an important application provided by WorkTrak.

Don’t you all think that employee monitoring software is useful to critically analyze our efficiency?

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