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How to Fast-Track remote workplace activities efficiently

Is Remote working becoming a trend these days?

As the companies are becoming more cosmopolitan based, due to which the globalized working culture is increasing. According to Flexjobs and Global Workplace Analytics report, it has been observed that between 2005 to 2017 in the United States , there has been an increase of 159% in remote work. Employees living in one country can work for the company functional in another country .

Work from home is a sudden measure that has been implemented recently due to the COVID-19 outbreak to maintain social distancing. Hence, it's critical to track these employees’ activities daily. It's inevitable to monitor these employees so that regular feedback can be given to improve their work.

In today’s digital world, everyone is working on their laptops. The bulk of data and work are daily stored in the computer systems.

Are you facing trouble tracking the working activities of these employees who are working remotely? Managers need to be vigilant to monitor their employees who are not under supervision directly, Drive your business goals fast by analyzing your employees’ activities daily.

Why is remote work mode getting more popularity?

Remote Work Culture is beneficial for both employees and managers to build trust , accountability and problem assessment. When employees are not in office, managers need to believe their employees that they are self reliant enough to deliver results on time.

Why to spend office resources on infrastructure? Working remotely is an added advantage when we are adopting remote work culture. Moreover, when we are working at home office, ergonomics design makes us more efficient, productive and compatible as we can work from the niche of our comfort zone.Employees who are working remotely are aware of the fact that their managers are always monitoring their office hours activities as they are away physically from the office.Hence, there are higher chances of working highly productive in remote workplace.

Flexjobs and Global Workplace Analytics reported that higher flexibility leads to increased productivity in 85% of businesses, 77% believed that remote work culture will cut down operation costs and save Company’s resources.

Employee monitoring software is critical for business development that will enable to track employees’ activities at a granular level. This will help to decide the billing and salary to be paid to the employees on the basis of their daily productivity. Employee monitoring software helps to track employees’ daily output on a real time basis by generating automated timesheet reports. Remote working is extremely helpful for the management team to make critical business decisions by analyzing their employees’ behavior.

Employees’ work productivity is higher when working from home due to more freedom and flexibility

•  Comfort and flexibility of employees increase work efficiency

•  Remote work culture retains higher number of passionate employees.

•  Operation costs cut down due to less infrastructure maintenance.

How to monitor remote workplaces?

Are you aware of the fact that there are higher chances of internal theft when employees are working remotely?

The inside employees are ready to sell the Organization’s confidential information to other competitor companies.

Do you want your business to run in loss and eventually shut down?

Employee monitoring software can prevent you from getting trapped in this precarious situation. WorkTrak provides screenshots that generate activity reports of the employee on different websites and applications. As soon as the manager gets to know any malware or unauthorized website visit or any kind of suspicious actions of the employee, he can block the websites visited instantly. Website and applications blocking is one of the greatest features provided by WorkTrak.

Productive time is critical for every Organization’s growth. Everyone is identical and so their work habits are. Increased productivity will increase your performance. Active and Idle time reports of WorkTrak showcases the productive time spent by each employee.

Try WorkTrak to monitor employees’ activities at remote workplace

There are lots of premium featured employee monitoring softwares available currently available in the market. WorkTrak provides all the essential features needed to track employees’ productivity at highly reasonable rates. Explore the features and pricing section of WorkTrak.

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Want to reach business success at its optimum level. Explore WorkTrak to enhance your employees’ productivity by monitoring their activities daily.

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