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COVID-19 outbreak | How to ensure employees are working remotely

The outbreak has shown us the importance of the digital world.

Work from home culture has been implemented in all the organizations.

Are you struggling to ensure your employees’ work activities at a remote workspace?

During the global lockdown period , it's critical to work remotely. Managers have to be well updated with the daily activities of their employees and their productivity. Feedbacks can be given to employees only when the managers will understand their employees’ strengths and weaknesses. Employees’ engagement towards their work is critical to achieve business goals. To accomplish business goals, daily goals of each employee has to be completed.

Employees are more likely to get distracted when working in self isolation. Pandemic has curtailed all the ties and interactions with the fellow employees. All these factors may lead to less productivity and business losses. It's important to equip teams with tech and productivity tools.There are lots of project management tools like- slack,asana etc.

But there is an importance of another vital tool - employee monitoring software that will constantly track employees’ work , even remotely.

Working remotely gives more liberty to the employees but it's also extremely distracting. It's difficult to comprehend whether employees are working or procrastinating during office hours.It's difficult to balance personal and professional work under the home office.Hence, it's critical to be updated with your employees’ working status in the lockdown period.

Prevention of Internal theft

Time theft is a serious issue that needs to be resolved while working remotely.There are higher chances of internal theft for company’s credentials as there is no direct surveillance in remote workplaces. Under home wifi, malwares and viruses can enter into company’s websites. Hence, managers have to be vigilant of their employees’ chores. WorkTrak provides the feature to instantly block malware websites and applications that can threaten company’s security and vital information

Review employees’ performance

With the screenshot feature of WorkTrak, managers will be updated on what their employees activities are and can prevent leak of business information. Even, the managers can recognize their employees who are committed to their daily goals with zeal. WorkTrak’s screenshots generated report will show the screens of the system which the user was accessing and working. The screenshots will be captured at an interval of 3-5 minutes. Hence, managers will get detailed information of their employees’ activities.

Track active and idle time

If employees get a sudden call and leave their work desk, then the time spent by the employee will be considered as ideal time as it is not spent on office activities. Hence, worktrak records it as ideal time. Whenever the computer is not active , it is considered as ideal time by WorkTrak. It runs in the background and monitors computer and mouse activity constantly. This gives the information about the quality of time and effort of each employee.


To combat the limitations of remote work culture can be overcome when managers will be aware of their employees’ office hours activities at remote workplace. To handle and engage teams, employee monitoring software is critical to ensure business productivity even at remote place. WorkTrak provides all essential features to monitor employees activities at a very affordable price.

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