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How can I do Employee Monitoring easily?

Time tracking reports


  • ✓  Time tracking involves real-time monitor and activity analytics report.

  • ✓  Assist organizations refine their employee performances with time effectiveness and profitability levels.

  • ✓  Automated detailed timesheet depicting time spent on each project.

  • ✓  Enhanced dashboard for trouble-free team management.

Website monitoring - worktrak


  • ✓  WorkTrak will give you the clear insights of website search details among the users,departments,sites, categories and even by date, hours and day of access.

  • ✓  It gives online search history, files downloaded from the browser.

  • ✓  It gives the top websites where employees are spending more time.

  • ✓  WorkTrak gives you reports of application and internet usage .

  • ✓  It records time spent in each application and activities done in specific applications ,regardless of active time or idle time.

  • ✓  WorkTrak gives reports for what purpose employees are using those websites and applications.

  • ✓  It identifies when employees overwhelmed the internet usage policies.

Block websites and applications -worktrak


  • ✓  This feature provides us the ability to decide which website needs to be blocked and which application is not allowed to run.

  • ✓  You can add/remove any listed website or application to the block list in the cloud portal. In case, any end user tries to open a blocked website/application, it will be closed instantly.

  • ✓  Every change is updated in cloud server and communicated to end computers automatically within a minute.

  • ✓  Can block site access for adult content

  • ✓  Safeguard company’s digital data from unwanted websites.

  • ✓  Upgrade your workplace productivity at ease.

Attendance reports - worktrak


  • ✓  Daily monitoring of login and logout time of the employee is recorded in the system .

  • ✓  The in-time/out-time is calculated on the basis of what time a computer is switched on and switched off.

  • ✓  This enables the manager to keep a track record of the employee's attendance sheet.

  • ✓  The time-monitoring attendance surveillance record will help organizations to find how much time was spent by an individual employee.

Screenshots at regular intervals - worktrak


  • ✓  Screen capture or Screen recorder in WorkTrak takes snaps at defined intervals.

  • ✓  About 1000+ screenshots are stored per user in the cloud storage.

  • ✓  Render useful insights for process documentation and in presentations.

worktrak on-feild user


  • ✓  Monitor your employees attendance and working duration with ease.

  • ✓  Location update of field user every 5 minutes.

  • ✓  Allot tasks and update task completion using the portal.

  • ✓  View monthly attendance report at a glance.

Minimum system requirements

"Enhancing Productivity Metrics - EPM" is proven to work on

Windows XP SP3 (build 5512), Windows 7 32/64bit and above.

Minimum hardware requirement is P4,  > 2GB RAM.

Minimum .Net 3.5 is required for the efficient performance.

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