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 Explicit Working Report- worktrak

Explicit Working Report

Freelancers are mostly hired on an hour based payment method. WorkTrak gives extact reports on work hours of the freelancers. With realtime tracking features, Organisation will ko=now the work in progress of hired freelancers. WorkTrak generates automated timesheets for freelancers.

Track ongoing processes - worktrak

Track ongoing processes

With realtime screenshot facility, monitor the work in progress and keep track of deadline. Update them with the modifications and prioritising projects.

Prevent data theft- worktrak

Prevent data theft

Freelancers work remotely, hence there are higher chances of data leakage. With the screenshot recording and website restriction feature, management will know the user's actions and can directly block the unwanted websites.

Productivity Stats - worktrak

Productivity Stats

Productivity boost you'll enjoy if you exercise before work.

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Attendance Reporting - worktrak

Attendance Reporting

Attendance surveillance feature that records the clock in and clock out time of the staff.

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Time Tracker

Time Tracker

Comprehensive monitoring of user activity can be tracked with our employee tracking software.

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Activity Monitoring - worktrak

Activity Monitoring

An all-inclusive screenshots of the user’s desktop are recorded at definite time intervals.

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Threat Detection - worktrak

Threat Detection

Block the applications and websites that can be detrimental for your company.

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Geo Location - worktrak

Geo Location

Clients can be also tracked down on the basis of geolocation of the system.

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