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Attendance report - worktrak

Attendance report

Now record the attendance report of the employees b their clock in and clock out timings with the tap of your finger.

Smarter Scheduling

Smarter Scheduling

Manage your projects and avoid deadline trouble . Track productivity and generate more revenue . Get realtime updates and enhance your employees efficiency.

GPS tracking facility - worktrak

GPS tracking facility

With our GPS tracker , monitor the attendance and working duration smothly . Every 5 mins , location gets updated for our convenience . Start tracking your staff's wherabout now!

Productivity Stats - worktrak

Productivity Stats

Productivity boost you'll enjoy if you exercise before work.

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Attendance Reporting - worktrak

Attendance Reporting

Attendance surveillance feature that records the clock in and clock out time of the staff.

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Time Tracker

Time Tracker

Comprehensive monitoring of user activity can be tracked with our employee tracking software.

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Activity Monitoring - worktrak

Activity Monitoring

An all-inclusive screenshots of the user’s desktop are recorded at definite time intervals.

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Threat Detection - worktrak

Threat Detection

Block the applications and websites that can be detrimental for your company.

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Geo Location - worktrak

Geo Location

Clients can be also tracked down on the basis of geolocation of the system.

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