How to set up an ideal workplace with engaging workforce

Let’s stress on the term “ ideal workplace”, so what exactly does the term mean? An ideal professional work-place has a friendly, engaging, and productive work culture. This drives employees’ passion for work while stimulating their well-being and happiness. When employees feel that the work itself is engaging and rewarding. Then, they are more engrossed […]

How to perform employees’ assessment at ease

Do you know all the companies strive to identify the potential future leader? In the chaotic professional world, only a high caliber and hardworking employee can uplift the business strata of the organization.  Assessments are critically important to provide personalized feedback to each employee to improve the performance to reach the business goals. Regular or […]

The comeback of employee monitoring software in IT industries

The COVID-19 outbreak has manifested highlights in the digital workspace. During the lockdown, as employees are working from home to promote social distancing. IT industries are grappling to prevent the leakage of sensitive data. Information Technology is digital based, hence imminent use of computers and laptops occur.  Employees are carrying out all their tasks on […]

Establish your successful startup with WorkTrak

Want to set up a successful business with maximum shares? Bootstrapping your startup is the ideal choice to maximize your profits and retain full ownership of your new startup. Employees are the bricks for the startup establishment and its prosperity. Due to financial constraints, the startups face extreme perturbations both externally and internally. As fewer […]

Bilateral benefits of employee monitoring

Do you know employee monitoring software can benefit both employees and employers? When the business leaders talk about the implementation of employee monitoring tools, employees don’t digest the decision warmly. A sense of mistrust increased stress, frustration, and anger lies underneath the implementation of employee monitoring software. The main problem lies as the managers are […]

How corporate leaders can use employee monitoring software

Employee management software is an integral tool for management. This can add value to the company’s progress by boosting the productivity of the employees and preventing data leaks. Hence, it is mandatory for every company to watch their employees’ performance. Thus, analyze their behavior to mitigate any future business risks. With the rise in remote […]

How to accomplish optimum productivity in less time

Before discussing productivity, let’s highlight the questions related to it. Are you stagnant at your limit? Is your office routine mundane? Are you procrastinating at your workplace? To answer all these questions, let’s define what productivity is.  Most people muddle up the term with the definition of the number of working hours. Just investing your […]

How to construct remote work mode for architecture industries

The current outbreak of COVID-19 has brought a digital revolution. The impact of digital transformation is increasing due to the rise in digital toolkits and the implementation of online practices. When we discuss architecture industries, the trending question that pops up our mind is . Are Architect industries resilient enough to adopt WFH culture? Most […]

How to secure healthcare data and to become HIPAA compliant| Safety monitoring

Health care data leakage is a major concern that the health care industries are facing these days. With the flourishing digital space, store bulks of data daily into the databases. This plots a bottom ground for data theft. Data security breaches are common in the healthcare sectors to retrieve sensitive PHI records which are extremely […]

Business Strategies For Post-Lockdown Recovery

The implementation of social distancing and lockdown measures due to COVID-19 has dramatically oriented our lives to 360 degrees. Billions have retreated into isolation leading to a halt of urban activities and driving major financial losses. Workforce management is a difficult challenge to deal with. As a result, the transition to remote work status has […]

Remote Workforce Analytics to monitor user’s activity

When a remote workforce is your new day to go style, then to establish an effective remote office workforce, remote workforce analytics is the ideal choice. Low unemployment, globalization, changing demographics, and high cost of living will require companies to create an environment geared for a remote workforce.  This will require new and innovative thoughts […]

Tools to assist remote work office | COVID-19 Remote Year

The COVID-19 emergence has oriented everyone’s lives to a great extent. Everyone is based at their respective homes and has to set clear expectations to achieve the organizational goals.The challenge lies to become work focused while settling at homes as there are lots of distractions at home.There are various remote technologies belt to achieve remote […]

Bolster remote workforce by 3 times in animation industries

Coronavirus has affected all the industries on a massive scale. The global economy is in a recession that has led to huge financial instability. Billions of people across the globe are self-quarantined in the fear of coronavirus spread. Thus, the novel COVID-19 virus has simply shut down businesses’ growth. The pandemic has forced the cinemas […]

How to grow businesses amid coronavirus lockdown

As the novel coronavirus is spreading like wildfire and sweeping mass populations across the world. Countries have taken a stance to protect their civilians by imposing restrictions and extending lockdown terms. The greatest economy -USA, UK, China- led to the most restrictive mass quarantines to promote social distancing. Unemployment is spiking due to excess economic […]

How to Fast-Track remote workplace activities efficiently

Is Remote working becoming a trend these days? As the companies are becoming more cosmopolitan based, due to which the globalized working culture is increasing. According to Flexjobs and Global Workplace Analytics report, an increase of 159% in remote work between 2005 to 2017 in the United States. Employees living in one country can work […]

How to choose the right employee monitoring software for your company

In recent years, much has changed in how business is conducted, how strategies are implemented, and how owners relate with their customers.  From communication and management to marketing and advertising, business processes have become technologically focused on easing the workload associated with the market. Moreover, technology has become more necessary as the workforce continues to […]

COVID-19 outbreak | How to ensure employees are working remotely

The outbreak has shown us the importance of the digital world. WFH culture has been implemented in all the organizations. Are you struggling to ensure your employees’ work activities at a remote workspace? Whether you’re working remotely one day per week (or more) or full-time—by choice or because of a health situation or weather event—it’s important […]

How COVID-19 lockdown impacting on Businesses

Have you imagined how the pace of life has suddenly changed due to the coronavirus outbreak? Billions of people across the globe are self-quarantined in the fear of coronavirus spread. The novel COVID-19 has simply shut down businesses’ growth.  Teamlease Business head official added that delay of 60-65% of interviews due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  […]

Will Remote Work Succeed In The Battle Against Coronavirus Pandemic?

This is a mind-boggling question in everyone’s’ mind,  “Will Remote Work Succeed In The Battle Against Coronavirus Pandemic?” The sudden coronavirus outbreak has halted all the vibes of workaholic life. As coronavirus is highly contagious, it has spread like fire to more than 130 countries. It has reached an alarming stage where social distancing is inevitable […]

Employee’s Engagement in the workspace to enhance productivity

Do you know why employee engagement is important to achieve organizational goals? Leadership and team-leading potential of employees are critical for the flexible and smooth working of the organization. Collaboration in teams is important for the drastic growth of the company. As a result, highly engaged teams are robust that can face any challenges together […]

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