How to implement constructive online office

Amid the COVID-19 lockdown, an Online office has emerged drastically. Wondering what exactly an online office is? Digital office mode has found out a replacement work culture where one can convert the space to a piece office. With the rise of digital tools, traditional workspaces are gradually getting substituted by online office set-up. Hence, the work culture is becoming cosmopolitan based with […]

Data Security Plan for Remote Employees

All the companies are having a Data Security Plan to protect the proprietary data of the organization. It is the actual layout of the plan to protect the digital assets of the company. It is important to have proper Data Security Plan to safeguard the digital data from theft and to prevent data misuse. Data […]

How to Use Data Obtained with Employee Monitoring?

Due to the pandemic, the rise in Work From Home(WFH) has been increased. As a result, monitoring employees is becoming widespread practice across the globe. As the business industry continues to evolve, more organizations are adopting to find processes to make a significant difference in a competitive market.  An NBC report revealed that nearly 80% […]

How monitoring tools combat data security breaches

IT organizations store all the company data electronically. Hence, dealing with the problems of data security breaches is extremely crucial. In the digital world, it is important to invest in reliable digital tools to safeguard your company assets. According to statistics revealed, In 2017, stolen over 174 million records as part of publically acknowledged data […]

Client Relationship Management: How to deal with your clients

Every B2B Product in the market is based on understanding the client’s businesses. Hence, proper attention must be given to establishing client-relationship management to improve business performance. The potential for successful business expansion is possible only when you respond to your customer’s needs and meet their demands and queries effectively. In this article, we will discuss […]

How to increase your corporate Profit Margins

Understanding the financial metrics on how to drive the profit engine of the company is extremely crucial to grow and expand your company profile. As competitors are becoming extensive in the competitive marketplace, it is becoming challenging to create a brand of your own recognition.  Creating high sales will absorb the shock of the down-falling […]

How to reduce customer churn rate in the Businesses

The foundation of business growth relies on its customer base. Higher the customers, higher the revenues, and hence, higher the business market. What is the churn rate? Churn rate is defined as rejecting the service offered by the company to its customers. The rate of unsubscription by the customers decides the determining factor of the […]

Recent Employee engagement statistics Trends

The initial stage to set up a successful company is to give a massive boost to your business by engaging your team members. In this article, we will discuss the recent employee engagement statistics trends! Before deep-diving into the numbers and drawing the statistical analysis, let’s understand what employee engagement is and why it is […]

Implement an effective business strategy to grow the company

Before setting up a business, you must be aware of the proper strategies and plans to establish a company. What are the imperative measures to grow your business? Considering the approach is extremely crucial to growing business. In this article, we will discuss the business strategy to grow your company to the maximum. Before expanding […]

Data-driven business decisions with WorkTrak

Business data insights are inevitable records that will help to take appropriate business decisions at the right moment. In this article, we will discuss data-driven business decisions. The traditional way of working is replaced in the digital age with the evolution of digital tools. Digital data are extensively used in the corporate world. Hence, we […]

How to boost employee motivation in the workplace

In most cases, managers implement an employee monitoring system to determine their employees’ work behavior. It mainly monitors their computer activities, such as internet and app usage, emails, phone use, and the like. In this article, we will discuss how to implement employee motivation using monitoring software. Besides activity tracking, one of the benefits of […]

How to identify and minimize organizational burnout risks

As the outbreak of pandemic has adopted the Work From Home the new normal, remote work culture has become the new professional work mode. What is organizational Burnout? Burnout from chronic stress costs billions of dollars each year as healthcare costs. According to Gallup, employee disengagement results in 37% higher absenteeism. An 18% reduction in […]

Win-Win situation to stay productive in the workplace

Employees are involved in managing tasks daily. Everyone has different jobs to do on their plate. Some are managing infrastructure, some are looking into administration while others are involved in carrying out to develop the business. But, to sustain and grow the company, it is always recommended to boost the productivity level of each staff. […]

What are The Challenges and Strategies for B2B SaaS Marketing?

Do you even know why B2B SaaS marketing is challenging? Unlike consumer marketing, it is not simple, direct, and has nothing physical to promote. Or you can say that B2B SaaS marketing does not involve daily consumer items that are easy for marketers to introduce and popularize in the market. Do you get what I […]

Strategies to manage professional workload

Implementation of effective workload management strategies in an organization is crucial to prevent the burnout risks that may lead to serious consequences. Moreover, a lack of proper workload management scatters workload haphazardly in an unorganized manner. As a result, uniform distribution of work is not possible.  Most of the staff are working efficiently whereas the […]

Business Time Management – Does multitasking kill time?

When we hear of multitasking, we feel we are handling so many works in a single time frame. Multitasking reduces our efficiency to carry out a particular task. As a result, we lose our focus and deliver poor quality service. This ultimately hampers productivity output. Here, we will discuss business time management. We have a […]

How your employees are wasting business time

According to a study, mobile devices are the primary source of distraction during work hours. It has been noticed that workers waste an average of 1-2 hours of business time for unnecessary and unprofessional activities. For instance, checking social media platforms, watching Netflix, etc. Here the main question arises, Do you want to increase productivity? […]

How to utilize business time in a productive manner

Do you know employees are wasting precious business time that leads to waste of company resources worth costing millions!  Though the motto of business is to grow and develop, hence staff are hired to do the allocated jobs but unproductive tasks of employees may backfire your organization by hampering the business growth. In this article, […]

Boost your professional career with time-management skills

We all have 24 hours a day. But do you realize how well some business professionals rise at such a great height than others? Well, it’s not about the time you have. It is about time management skills. If you balance your time, you will increase your revenue. In this article, we will guide you […]

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