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How your employees are wasting business time

There are lots of factors that distract employees from their work schedules. Co-workers are almost as distracting as smartphones.  Both managers and employees need to figure out to remove distractions from the workplace. A study has revealed that mobile devices are the biggest distraction during the workday. It has been noticed that workers waste an […]

Strategic management to grow your Business

Strategic management is a continuous iterating loop of strategic analysis, strategy creation, implementation, and monitoring. Organizations can use strategic reports with the purpose to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage. There is always a quest to enhance your company’s performance. But, what is the underlying factor that determines the company’s growth? Of course, it’s strategic […]

How to serve your customers fast and efficiently

Business Processing Outsource(BPO) company is highly demanding. Hence, it is tiring for employees as well as the managers. The activity and input levels have to be extremely high. The call centers demand strenuous activity of responding queries, attending calls, and to generate leads. Hence, employees have to be active throughout the day to increase the […]

How to utilize business time in a productive manner

Do you know employees are wasting precious business time that leads to a waste of company resources worth costing millions!  While having employees is supposed to help your business progress. It can backfire if your employees are wasting too much time and not being efficient If you are still not aware of the fact, here […]

Discover the bottleneck problems in your operational management

The bottleneck problems are the byproduct of business operations. Hence, don’t stumble yourself upon the bottleneck errors that you are facing. Rectify these issues in the due course of time to amplify smooth operation. Bottleneck Operation is the critical step that limits an entire system’s capacity to produce at its optimum level. This results in […]

How to boost your professional career with time-management skills

We all have 24 hours a day. But do you realize how well some business professionals rise at such a great height than others? Well, it’s not about the time you have. It is about the management of time. If you balance your time, you will increase your revenue. In this article, we will guide […]

How virtual office grow your business

Virtual office spaces are designed to cut down the company’s  infrastructure costs. Hence, business owners don’t need to worry about taking companies on lease.Virtual office is advantageous to minimize maintenance costs of the office space and to increase work flexibility.  In traditional offices, you need to take care of the water bill, electricity bill, and […]

How to select your best employee

The ordeals of selecting your best employee are extremely tiring and difficult. To simplify the selection procedure, companies use employee monitoring software. Hence, this helps businesses to track their employees’ productivity and work attendance, minimize administrative work, and enhance cybersecurity. Employee recognition or rewarding programs help in not only boosting employee morale but also motivates […]

Reward your business the success Trophy

In the competitive world, all the businesses are participating in the rat race and constantly fighting an uphill battle. At the end of the day, the business owner wants to achieve profitable results to prosper the company. The cornerstone of rewarding is success. Hence, it is obvious that every business leaders struggle hard to grow […]

Strategic ways to meet customer’s rising demands

When customers interact with companies, there is a certain expectation that the customer wants to get from the service provided by the company. Nowadays, customers have much higher expectations from the company product, such as proactive service, higher personalized interactions, and connected experiences across multiple channels. Data have revealed that 76% of customers want the […]

How to successfully accomplish project goals

During the pandemic terms, all organizations are struggling to deliver the projects on time.  Are you worried to not complete your project on time? The reality is that all industries, majorly IT industries, almost 75% of projects fail due to missed deadlines. Remote teams are facing trouble to complete the projects before time. As a […]

Ask The Expert: How to cut business costs and learn to manage business expenses

Do you know 30% of companies are wasting valuable resources on unnecessary activities? The management of financial expenses is of great worry for all the companies. Hence, managing your financial asset is important to make the correct investment decision.  Imagine you are spending dollars of money on expenses that have no direct impact on generating […]

How to set up an ideal workplace with engaging workforce

Let’s stress on the term “ ideal workplace”, so what exactly does the term mean? An ideal professional work-place has a friendly, engaging, and productive work culture. This drives employees’ passion for work while stimulating their well-being and happiness. When employees feel that the work itself is engaging and rewarding. Then, they are more engrossed […]

How to perform employees’ assessment at ease

Do you know all the companies strive to identify the potential future leader? In the chaotic professional world, only a high caliber and hardworking employee can uplift the business strata of the organization.  Assessments are critically important to provide personalized feedback to each employee to improve the performance to reach the business goals. Regular or […]

The comeback of employee monitoring software in IT industries

The COVID-19 outbreak has manifested highlights in the digital workspace. During the lockdown, as employees are working from home to promote social distancing. IT industries are grappling to prevent the leakage of sensitive data. Information Technology is digital based, hence imminent use of computers and laptops occur.  Employees are carrying out all their tasks on […]

Establish your successful startup with WorkTrak

Want to set up a successful business with maximum shares? Bootstrapping your startup is the ideal choice to maximize your profits and retain full ownership of your new startup. Employees are the bricks for the startup establishment and its prosperity. Due to financial constraints, the startups face extreme perturbations both externally and internally. As fewer […]

Bilateral benefits of employee monitoring

Do you know employee monitoring software can benefit both employees and employers? When the business leaders talk about the implementation of employee monitoring tools, employees don’t digest the decision warmly. A sense of mistrust increased stress, frustration, and anger lies underneath the implementation of employee monitoring software. The main problem lies as the managers are […]

How corporate leaders can use employee monitoring software

Employee management software is an integral tool for management. This can add value to the company’s progress by boosting the productivity of the employees and preventing data leaks. Hence, it is mandatory for every company to watch their employees’ performance. Thus, analyze their behavior to mitigate any future business risks. With the rise in remote […]

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