The comeback of employee monitoring software in IT industries

Data stealing in IT industries

The COVID-19 outbreak has manifested highlights in the digital workspace. During the lockdown, as employees are working from home to promote social distancing. IT industries are grappling to prevent the leakage of sensitive data. Information Technology is digital based, hence imminent use of computers and laptops occur. 

Employees are carrying out all their tasks on laptops, then why not monitor computers daily?

Employee monitoring software is increasing demand daily to ensure correct data management. Hence, it is important to prevent erroneous activities of the employees endangering the company’s assets.

Do you know,  Two former Apple employees have been charged with stealing IP related to the company’s autonomous car project? 

They allegedly stole thousands of files including manuals, diagrams, and photographs of the project.

In the WFH scenario, the company does not know exactly what the employees are doing in their office hours, how much time they are devoting, where they are lacking. Thus, there are plenty of questions to answer while adopting work from home.

The answer to all these unanswered questions lies in the implementation of employee monitoring software.

Roles of Employee Monitoring Software

Employee monitoring software can identify workforce trends and process inefficiencies, allowing a data-driven, company-wide productivity model to drive company growth. By identifying and improving workflow bottlenecks, any organization can ensure that their employees are adequately deployed to the right task at the right time.

Although there are many types of employee monitoring tools. In this article, we are primarily focusing on computer monitoring.

So, let’s discuss what computer monitoring employee software is and how it can be beneficial.

In layman’s terms, computer monitoring software is the tracking system that can monitor the user’s desktop and records screenshots at a customized interval set by the viewer.

Do you know companies can lose potential amounts of resources if not monitored employees’ office tasks effectively?

Losses of resources can occur at two basic levels, 

  1. Loss of manpower 
  2. Loss of money

Suppose a particular task is allotted to a particular team, if all the team members are not dedicating the highest level of input and acting inactively, pushing the deadlines further. This is ultimately resulting in loss of potential clients and losing revenues.

Hence, to combat the loss of these valuable resources, employee monitoring software is the most reliant and robust tool to track employees’ office activities working distantly.

Benefits of Employee Monitoring Software

1. Boost productivity by 3 times

When employees will know that the employers are having a constant eye on their activities. They will give their 100% to achieve the desired outcome. Hence, this will lead to increased productivity and accomplishment of goals before the deadline.

2. Prevent data leakage

Do you know the company’s sensitive data is extremely valuable to competitors, and hackers?

Millions of dollars are offered to the insider employees to sell this vulnerable information. Hence, it is imperative to monitor the employees handling the company’s data. 

Screenshots and website blocking features are useful to prevent data from leaking.

3. Recognize and reward the best employee

Management will be aware of the employees who are working dedicatedly and those who are not. User activity tracking will demonstrate the working representation of the employees. Hence, management can take crucial decisions on whom to promote and whom to fire.

WorkTrak is the leading industrial tool to offer premium features at an extremely affordable price. So that maximum companies can benefit from the tracking software.

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