Bilateral benefits of employee monitoring

Employee monitoring software benefits employees and employers

Do you know employee monitoring software can benefit both employees and employers?

When the business leaders talk about the implementation of employee monitoring tools, employees don’t digest the decision warmly. A sense of mistrust increased stress, frustration, and anger lies underneath the implementation of employee monitoring software.

The main problem lies as the managers are unable to explain the benefits of employee monitoring tools to their employees. The fact is monitoring software benefits both the employees and employers.

Benefits of monitoring tools

In this article, we are going to manifest the bilateral benefits that both employee and employer can achieve with the implementation of employee monitoring tools.

1. Insights on productivity charts & evaluate productivity levels

Employees get to know the individual performance of all the tasks they carry on. Staff can view their productivity reports and gain a better understanding of the best work time. Hence, this will analyze their efficiency and maximize everyone’s productive output. In this way, employers will analyze the productivity reports of every employee and can identify the problems that the employees are dealing with.

2. Adapt to the remote workspace

In a recent study by Stanford University, it has been observed a 13% increase in productivity when working from home. In the wake of coronavirus, remote workspace is welcoming in all sectors of industries. Hence, if employees are aware that their work is constantly under surveillance, then there will be a considerable increase in work mode flexibility. From the employees’ work perspective, a broader outlook of increased employees’ performance. 

3. Prevent imprisonment and fines

Phishing attacks trap employees. As a result, they might deliberately steal the company’s financial data and sell the other competitor companies in the lure of handsome money. Employees may get trapped in the phishing attacks by masqueraders and can transfer the company’s data to the outsiders. Working with an employee monitoring system can ultimately save your bank account, by preventing negligence in these behaviors.

4. Receive personalized feedback

With the use of monitoring software, employers will get to know when and how the employees are working. Thus, managers will have a better knowledge of how the employees are carrying out the work, the approach of problem-solving can be understood and personalized feedback can be given to each employee. Hence, the employees will get to know their strengths and weaknesses, this will help to improve their skills.

5. Substantiate exemplary reasons to increase the salary

Every organization seeks for the best employees who will provide the maximum effort for the company. Hardworking and dedicated employees are in high demand to promote the company’s work. 

The question here arises, can you ask for an annual salary rise? 

Yes, definitely. Monitoring software track attendance, productivity, and performance. Hence, plots employees’ efficiency metrics to hike employees’ salaries. 

Check your productivity metrics to ask for a salary hike to your employers!

WorkTrak —- How employees and employers can benefit?

The dashboard generates real-time live reports of the team members. The attendance report generated shows the status of all the users( early, on-time, late), and note the productivity statistics of websites and applications. Employees can identify the number of working hours and the amount of productivity for their tasks.

WorkTrak dashboard Page
WorkTrak-Dashboard Page


Employee monitoring software provides bilateral benefits to both employees and employers to promote a safe and happy work culture and to establish mutual understanding and trust between employees and employers.

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