Ask The Expert: How to cut business costs and learn to manage business expenses

assessing business costs
Do you know 30% of companies are wasting valuable resources on unnecessary activities?

The management of financial expenses is of great worry for all the companies. Hence, managing your financial asset is important to make the correct investment decision. 

Imagine you are spending dollars of money on expenses that have no direct impact on generating and satisfying customer demands. The smart choice is to minimize or cut overhead costs.

What is the industry average spend in different areas? And how do your costs compare? Hence, periodically review what you are doing and how you are doing it.

Set up a classic benchmark for your company. Hence, benchmark yourself with other competitors in different areas to estimate the overall expenses.

Ask the questions: What is the industry average spend in different areas? How do your costs compare? 

Periodically review what you are doing and how you are doing it.

A popular saying is that time and costs are proportional to the quality of service delivered.

Triangle of time-cost-quality

Though it is true that multiplication of productive time and higher investment provides higher quality service. 

But, in this article, we will discuss how to reduce costs and time without compromising the quality of service.

5 ways to cut Business costs

Don’t take any knee jerk investment decisions that can affect your business in the long run.  Hence, adopt a well planned strategic plan to manage business costs.

1. Balance the cost-revenue structure of your business

It is important to know beforehand, what the revenue sources are to determine where and what to invest. Therefore, to prevent burn out, always keep your revenue to cost ratio higher. The company needs to work out which specific costs are implicated in producing its revenue stream. Finally, a PR company’s overheads and costs not directly linked to revenue generation must be identified.

2. Cross-out office infrastructure costs

To set up a commercial work space, companies invest huge sums of money. 

Even a small business can expect to pay several hundred to several thousand dollars a month in rent, depending on your area. Therefore, crossing out infrastructure costs is the ideal decision to eliminate huge costs.

3. Shift Traditional setups to SaaS technologies

Traditional setup demands more skilled workforce and high tech infrastructure. Hence, a huge sum of money is spent on hardware and infrastructure. Moreover, licensing and granting permission costs a lot. 

Hence, adopt SaaS technologies to pay as per your requirement. This allows you to invest periodically and strategically. 

4. Minimize repairs and maintenance.

If you own anything on behalf of the business, including your own building, your equipment, or personal devices like laptops, you’ll need to set aside money for repairs and maintenance. Preventative maintenance and proactive repairs tend to pale in comparison to the cost of major repairs and replacements. Therefore, find reliable contact in each category who can handle these routine tasks.

5. Improve productivity 

How to boost productivity is a prevalent topic to discuss in all the companies. Therefore, conduct regular monitoring and evaluation of employees to enhance the team’s operational efficiency.  Deploy WorkTrak in your system to boost productivity by 3 fold.

Final Thoughts

These tips should allow you to budget for expenses more accurately, and ultimately reduce your operating costs. Finally, if you can do this consistently, while also increasing the amount of revenue you bring in, there will be nothing left to stop your business from becoming profitable. 

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