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Want to set up a successful startup with maximum shares?

Bootstrapping your startup is the ideal choice to maximize your profits and retain full ownership of your new startup.

Employees are the bricks for the startup establishment and its prosperity. Due to financial constraints, the startups face extreme perturbations both externally and internally. As fewer people work in the startups, hence big responsibilities on the shoulders of the staff to uplift the business by implementing a successful business model. Hence, employees’ hard work and dedication are extremely important for a successful business setup. It is imperative to ensure that the employees’ work must be worth the value of the company’s growth.

So, what can be the proper tool to analyze employees’ performance metrics?

Employee monitoring software is an effective tool to track and record employees’ productivity on a real-time basis. The digital tools are effective to upgrade the company’s processes and to enhance the effectiveness of office activities

Since you are wondering about the employee monitoring tools, then why not buy the best one?

WorkTrak is one of the best employee management tools that is designed for an organization’s need for monitoring and surveilling the employees. The user-friendly interface is easy to operate and track employees’ office activities.

WorkTrak is effective for small to medium-sized businesses, hence ideal for startup companies.

Let’s discuss why WorkTrak is an effective tool for monitoring employees.

1. Real-Time Tracking 

Display live reports of the team members working on the projects on the dashboard. The current status of the individual users will be shown identifying whether they are active or inactive at that instantaneous moment.

Real Time reports of WorkTrak's dashboard
WorkTrak-Real Time reports

2. Idle/Active Time Tracking

In a company, the amount of work and productivity by the user is taken into account to determine his/her performance. The time tracking can be shown as idle or active based on work done in the system. This will help the startup owner to understand the credibility and passion of the employees towards the tasks allotted to them. Due to COVID-19, remote work mode has been adopted, hence it is of great feature for track employees’ office time activities while working remotely.

3. Screenshots recording

Screenshot recording is the essential feature of an employee monitoring software to provide a granular representation of how the employees are working. Record the desktop screenshots at customized time intervals. Hence, this feature will answer what and how the employees were working.

4. Websites & applications restriction

The company’s information is in the hands of the employees, hence vulnerable to internal employees. This feature allows the owner to instantly block dangerous websites or applications from the user’s end. This is a powerful feature to prevent internal theft.

Though there are an array of other features, we highlighted the important ones that can be extremely helpful for the startups.

The surprising fact is you can avail all the features of WorkTrak at an extremely low price at just INR 60/user/month.


WorkTrak can provide an abundance of features that are extremely useful to establish a successful startup by regularly monitoring employees and drawing overall productivity insights of the staff.

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