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Bilateral benefits of employee monitoring

Do you know employee monitoring software can benefit both employees and employers? When the business leaders talk about the implementation of employee monitoring tools, employees don’t digest the decision warmly. A sense of mistrust increased stress, frustration, and anger lies underneath the implementation of employee monitoring software. The main problem lies as the managers are […]

Business Strategies For Post-Lockdown Recovery

The implementation of social distancing and lockdown measures due to COVID-19 has dramatically oriented our lives to 360 degrees. Billions have retreated into isolation leading to a halt of urban activities and driving major financial losses. Workforce management is a difficult challenge to deal with. As a result, the transition to remote work status has […]

Remote Workforce Analytics to monitor user’s activity

When a remote workforce is your new day to go style, then to establish an effective remote office workforce, remote workforce analytics is the ideal choice. Low unemployment, globalization, changing demographics, and high cost of living will require companies to create an environment geared for a remote workforce.  This will require new and innovative thoughts […]

Bolster remote workforce by 3 times in animation industries

Coronavirus has affected all the industries on a massive scale. The global economy is in a recession that has led to huge financial instability. Billions of people across the globe are self-quarantined in the fear of coronavirus spread. Thus, the novel COVID-19 virus has simply shut down businesses’ growth. The pandemic has forced the cinemas […]

How to Fast-Track remote workplace activities efficiently

Is Remote working becoming a trend these days? As the companies are becoming more cosmopolitan based, due to which the globalized working culture is increasing. According to Flexjobs and Global Workplace Analytics report, an increase of 159% in remote work between 2005 to 2017 in the United States. Employees living in one country can work […]

Real-Time tracking for exponential business growth

Wondering how real-time tracking is reshaping the modern organization? In today’s fast pace generation, everyone is competing with each other. No one has the patience to wait for a delayed outcome.  Think of the scenario when you make a mistake, and later you get to know about the mistake. Don’t you get stumbled at the […]

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